Born in Barcelona, Blanca Fabré studied at ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering where she graduated with honors in Interior Architecture and Design. After working for a number of renowned architects and designers such as Patricia Sanchiz and Pascua Ortega she established her own studio, Blanca Fabre, in Madrid in the year 2012. The Studio is proud to have been involved in designing unique projects for a wide range of international clients in locations such as Barcelona, Riyadh, Palma de Mallorca and London amongst others.

“I love to mix different concepts, styles, materials, colors and ideas in order to create unique spaces with strong character and a singular finish. I would say my work is defined by a combination of classic and contemporary elements. My aim is to create spaces that will still be considered as current thirty years from today.”

Blanca’s architecture is in constant evolution within what she describes as her own developing creative process. Her work cannot be identified with a specific trend or style although she recognizes that all her projects share two basic characteristics, an important architectural presence and a strong emphasis on decoration. The result of her work can be described as elegant, sophisticated and current.